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Get ready to be inspired! In 2018 nearly 8,000 #roomandboard photos were uploaded to our gallery and a few of those even made it on to our Instagram account. Take a scroll through our most-liked customer photos of the year.

 1. @home_of_gray’s living room

2. @kristinhoaglunddesign’s entryway

3. @lisadieder’s dining room

4. @kateruthphoto’s living room

5. @lisadieder’s dining room (again!)

6. @beeberson’s adorable pup

7. @rachel.plotkin’s living room

8. @caitlinraeanna’s dining room

9. @mariah_mpls’ living room

 10. @setandseries’ shot of our Edina store

Thanks for sharing your photos with us! We can’t wait to see what you share with us in 2019.

Header photo by @mochimeetsworld_

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