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Recently, one of Room & Board’s vendor partnerships overlapped with one of its community partnerships and the results are as heartwarming as you would imagine. Executive Assistant Jeani Gephart noticed how much the residents at CommonBond’s Upper Post Veterans Community enjoyed playing cribbage and mentioned it to Merchandise Manager Michael Brotman. Michael in turn spoke to Mark Cutshaw, general manager of our vendor partner American Woods, who happens to be an Army veteran.

Michael shares, “He basically said ‘Yes; whatever you need.’” Within weeks American Woods created and delivered two gorgeous end tables with built in cribbage boards to gift to the vets at Upper Post.

Merchandise Manager Michael Brotman and Executive Assistant Jeani Gephart

Wellness Associate Sarah Nielsen shares, “The tables are beautifully constructed, of course, and signed by everyone who worked on them. They even thought about making the pieces red, white and blue to honor our vets.”  She smiles, adding, “My favorite thing about them is that the pieces and holes are a little larger, to allow people who might have vision issues or other disabilities greater ease to play.”

The new cribbage tables at Commonbond’s Upper Post Veterans Community

Sarah and Digital Media Specialist Nicole Soyka dropped off the cribbage tables along with new sets of playing cards and cookies and snacks. By the time they finished unpacking all their goodies, the vets were already pulling up chairs to begin playing. Sarah shares, “When we found out the residents liked cribbage so much, we planned to purchase some sets for the property, but these tables are so much better. Our vendor partner really ran with the idea and made something lasting and beautiful for our community partner.”

American Woods signed the bottom of each cribbage board

Photos by Room & Board.

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