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We are proud to share that our urban meadow won the Minnesota Climate Adaptation award! We planted an urban meadow in 2015. It features 87 species of annuals, biennials, perennials and a bio-remediation pond. Unlike lawns, which require intensive watering and maintenance, the urban meadow is practically self-sustaining and provides much needed biodiversity for pollinators and other animals. It’s also remarkably beautiful, yielding new surprises as each plant goes through its different blooming stages. This is one of our many continuing efforts to implement sustainable practices.

Our blooming urban meadow at Room & Board Central offices in Minneapolis

The Minnesota Climate Adaptation Awards recognize and celebrate exceptional achievements in advancing climate adaptation strategies. Retail Facilities Manager Vance Olivier was pleased to accept the award on behalf of Room & Board at a day-long conference at the University of Minnesota’s Water Resource Center. We were nominated by Craig Wilson, Principal of Sustology, the firm that helped us obtain a LEED Gold Certification for our Central Campus remodel.

Room & Board Retail Facilities team: Jeremy Larson, Bill Lyons, Vance Olivier and Adam Brix at the awards ceremony.

We’re almost through a chilly Minnesota winter and looking forward to seeing the meadow bloom again come spring. Learn more about the work of our partner in creating the meadow, Urban Ecosystems, and check out the Minnesota Climate Adaptation Awards summary to see more about our commitment to creating sustainable environments.

Close-ups of blooms in our urban meadow

Photos by Room & Board

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