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We believe Room & Board offers you one of the most sustainable ways to create a home you love: with timeless furniture made to last. We're also proud that the sustainability story doesn't stop with furniture. We offer a variety of sustainable home decor items made from environmentally friendly materials like recycled natural steel, recycled plastic, reclaimed wood and recycled nylon.

Piran rugs

Our Piran rug is also crafted from ECONYL® yarn just like Skrito. It's soft, durable and holds dye well—a sustainable alternative to manufacturing new material. We designed Piran’s pattern with a nod to the recycled fishing nets that help make up its sustainably sourced yarn.

Bruns ladder

Born from our partnership with the U.S. Forest Service and the city of Baltimore, our Bruns decorative ladder features reclaimed wood from old Baltimore row houses. Powder-coated steel rungs complement the beauty of the reclaimed wood and hold towels or throw blankets.

Montford shelves

The pine for our Montford shelves is also salvaged from old row houses in Baltimore. Rather than going to waste in a landfill, this reclaimed wood finds new life in your home as sustainable furniture.

Mondo planters

Mondo planters are crafted of 100 percent high-density recycled plastic (HDPE) in Duluth, Minnesota. In addition to being sustainable, they are also extremely durable and won't fade or warp.

Brule wall hooks

Like the Mondo planters, our Brule hooks are also made from HDPE, which comes from post-consumer recyclables like milk jugs. Sustainable and durable, these minimal hooks can be used indoors or out.

Bend picture frames

Made in Minnesota from recycled natural steel, our Bend picture frames have an architectural quality that looks great from any angle. With the distinctive color variations of natural steel, no two frames are exactly alike.

Crew triple wall hook

Recycled natural steel is a strong and durable choice for wall hooks. Our Crew triple wall hook features simple modern design and the timeless color of recycled natural steel. Use it to create your ideal storage solution in entryways, bedrooms, kitchens and more.

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