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We love the modern farmhouse look for its understated sophistication. The design trend mixes clean, modern lines and colors with natural elements like hardwood, inviting textures, greenery, and unique spins on classic furniture and decor.

Mix wood tones

Does it get more farmhouse than taking a cue from nature? Let hardwoods live harmoniously together in your space. Each wood has a natural way of bringing out the beauty of its neighbor. Check out a few tips to get you started with our How to Mix Wood Tones guide for your home.

Bring texture into a neutral space

These rooms start with neutral whites and hardwoods. By layering saturated leathers, textural rugs and different species of wood, the spaces quickly become more earthy and inviting. It’s a relaxed way to do modern style.

Embrace dark accents

Crisp blacks and deep greys are key to this trendy style. A pop of contrast is what takes a traditional farmhouse aesthetic to something more modern and allows you to mix in textural furniture and decor as you please.

Look for clean lines with a modern twist

Rustic, architectural elements come through in natural steel and straight lines. The lines draw your eye upward, adding a loftiness to your home that’s reminiscent of a classic farmhouse.

Natural steel canopy bed

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Photos by Anne Sage and Room & Board

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