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Bask in the glow of saffron, our latest palette of yellows that are easy to love and even easier to mix in your room. The warm, sunny hues brighten your space without overpowering it.

Saturated saffron

Go ahead and anchor your room in saffron! Our palette is toned down ever so slightly, so you can have as much yellow as you want without the over-saturation. In this living room, the tones act more as neutrals and complement the whites, creams, honeys—and offer a counterpoint to the charcoal stain of the Rollins stacking cubes in the back of the room.

Mid-century living room with yellow sofa

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Mid-century yellow Hutton sofa

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The softer side of Saffron

Rise and shine with saffron! Adding a few items throughout your kitchen or dining space will energize you and wake you up for the day.

Just like a “mostly sunny day”, a mix of sunny shades and greys creates a calming, balanced effect.

There’s something about yellow that just feels bright and fresh, making it a welcoming addition to baby rooms and nurseries.

Splash of saffron

The vibrant shade works so well as an accent piece. Perfect for spaces large or small, we love the creative ways this sunny shade is incorporated at a quieter scale.

home office with pops of yellow

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What’s your color story?

With our new palette of colors, there’s so much more than saffron! See how to design with color or connect with us online, over the phone or in a store for free design help.

Photos by Room & Board

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    Just loving your blogs!! They are really interesting.

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