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Room & Board employs dedicated delivery teams across the country. For just $89, we deliver unlimited items anywhere in the contiguous United States. Our full-service delivery includes assembly, placement and packaging removal—even when the weather is frightful.

When a snowstorm dumped more than 40 inches on New England in December, delivery driver Jeremy Broecker and his delivery partner Mike Allis got creative to keep delivering furniture to customers. Unplowed driveways, hidden house numbers and mountain roads were no match for the duo.

Employing a four-wheeler hooked up to a trailer he designed and built, Jeremy was able to deliver to homes his semi couldn’t reach.

Jeremy started delivering furniture for Room & Board in 2001 as a helper to his dad, who also delivered for us. In 2005, he began driving his own truck. Over the years, Jeremy has delivered in all kinds of weather throughout New England. He’s outfitted his truck with devices—many of his own invention—to improve safety and efficiency. From loading up a sled and a four-wheeler to help in the snow to adding a winch and chains to help on slippery roads, Jeremy is a true professional.

Sledding takes on a whole new meaning. At times, the team had to break a trail in the snow by jogging back and forth to tamp it down.

Safety is always the top priority. “It can be high stress in the moment,” says Jeremy. “I always take a step back to assess the situation.” Years of experience driving in the same area, and even to the same homes and businesses, means that he knows where the tough spots are. He uses paper maps marked with notes for times when GPS isn’t working.

A little snow can’t stop drivers from delivering furniture to our customers. Jeremy had to shovel the roof of the semi as it was too much weight on top.

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