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Looking to make your living room next-level comfortable? We have an idea for you: a double chaise sectional. This on-trend sectional design offers cozy comfort, symmetry and did we mention the comfort factor?

Seating for 2-4 people

It’s no secret that the chaise is everyone’s favorite seat in the house. With this unique sectional configuration, two people can enjoy putting their feet up. And the kids or your fur baby can curl up in the middle.

Make room for everyone

We love the symmetry of this sectional design, too. It’s visually balanced and easy to picture how it would work in your space. It also has a very practical benefit. You can flip the chaise cushions from one side of the sectional to the other to even out wear. (Pro tip: rotating and flipping your cushions helps a sectional last longer and keeps it comfy!)

modular large sectional in olive green fabric

Linger modular sectional (shown with 2 corners, 2 armless chairs and 2 ottomans–the look of a double chaise sectional but with the option to rearrange!)

Add flexibility for small spaces

No room for a big sectional? Get the same feel with two chaises pushed together. How cozy is this for binge watching a show? It’s like a loveseat only better.

If you need some advice on the best sectional layout for your living space, our free design services are just a click away. Whether you work with us in person at a store, by phone or virtual video conference, we can can create floor plans to show you which sectional configurations fit your space.

Photos by Room & Board 

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  1. Barbara Buchanan says:

    My husband and I have been looking for a double chaise sectional for forever. Don’t furniture manufacturers realize that there are usually 2 people in the home who want to be comfortable when settling down to watch TV at the end of the day? The problem is that it cannot be too wide. Our current sectional is 108 inches wide and we don’t want to rearrange the entire room to accommodate something much wider. Please spread the word about this new “trend” so we can solve our predicament by purchasing something at a local furniture store in or around the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Thank you.

    • Lyndsay LeClair says:

      We agree! Everyone wants the chaise, so why not have two? We will keep singing the praises of the double chaise sectional, but in the meantime – did you know that we have a beautiful new store in Dallas in Knox-Henderson? And that we make some of our furniture at American Leather in Dallas? I know we’re not “local” (we are based in Minneapolis and independently owned) but we make nearly all of our furniture in the U.S. and we love our Dallas crew. I hope you’ll stop in to take a look – I’m sure they’d have some creative ideas for you to make this design work in your existing 108″ space. In any case, I hope you find something that works for you, Barbara!

  2. Stephen W. says:

    Where is the first coffee table from? Want one JUST like that.

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