Basement Refresh: Q&A with Alex from The Defined Dish

We recently helped Alex from The Defined Dish turn her basement into a family-friendly living room. The Defined Dish has all sorts of delicious recipes Alex cooks up in her beautiful Texas home. You can read Alex’s in-depth review on her blog, and scroll on for our Q&A with Alex about her new lower-level living room.

Alex’s cozy home

What was the design inspiration for the space?

We really just wanted this space to be super functional, but also comfortable! Since it serves as our family room, playroom and just overall hangout and TV room, it’s heavily used.

Detail of empty basement
Before the refresh

What were the most important elements in designing the space?

The most important element was a comfortable couch, so we really built the room around the couch we liked most. We love it for its comfort, plus it’s super durable! After that, we really just needed more shelving for storing toys, etc., which is why we did two of the walnut stacking cubes. I am obsessed with the design of the cubes and how functional they are!

Detail of low, wood bookcases with baskets, books and table lamp
Rollins stacking bookcase cubes, Cloak table lamp

What was delivery day like?

Fantastic! The men that delivered were extremely helpful and so kind. It was a seamless delivery.

Foshay console bookcase, Terrace tabletop planter, Anika throw blanket

Favorite piece in the room?

The couch for sure. It’s a focal point in the room because it’s so pretty but it’s also comfortable and functional! I LOVE IT.

Linger sectional in Hines Spruce, Hastings rug, Mohair pillow, Tibetan sheepskin pillow

Do you have any advice for creating a beautifully designed space that’s also functional and kid-friendly?

Just making sure that there are plenty of shelves and baskets for kids to easily organize is essential! I find that if things are organized by basket type, my kids do a great job at putting things back where they belong, which is why the stacking cubes were so great. I also think finding very durable furniture, and in a color tone that is forgiving, is important. We went with the beautiful Hines Spruce fabric color for our couch and I am so impressed with how clean it looks—ALWAYS!

Ford swivel chairs, Aero cowhide ottomans, Velvet pillows

What’s your go-to dinner recipe when you’re short on time?

This One-Pot Hamburger Helper Beef Stroganoff recipe is SO easy to make and my entire family devours it!

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