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There are all sorts of reasons to have kids share a bedroom from space necessity to encouraging sibling unity. Maybe your kiddos just like knowing their sibling is in the room at night, defending against closet monsters. No matter the reason, designing a bedroom for two (or more) kids can feel intimidating, especially when the inhabitants have diverse interests. We pulled together some tips to make it work in your home:

1. Choose bedding in neutrals or complementary colors and patterns to create a cohesive look.

2. Bunks and lofts are fun for kids and make use of vertical space, leaving more area open for playing. If you have more than two kids sharing a room, bunks are pretty much indispensable.

3. To keep clutter under control, storage is key. Wall hooks and coat racks are easy-to-access options for kids.

What are your best ideas to make a shared bedroom fun and functional? Did you share a room when you were a kid?

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