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It’s no secret that bookcases make great storage units. But how do you choose a bookcase that best suits your space? Here are three ideas to get you started.

1. Get the look of built-ins

Create a built-in look with bookcases by using multiple together to create a unit. Perfect to place in a living room, entryway, bedroom or office, the Keaton wall unit’s clean, architectural lines give this bookcase the feel of a built-in no matter where you place it.

Keaton wall unit bookcase

North Dakota woodworkers hand-select the finest veneer to create Copenhagen‘s subtle, distinctive design details.

Copenhagen wall unit bookcase

Addison offers storage that meets your specific needs in a unique bookcase system. Choose from a variety of sizes and configurations to create your ideal solution for media, office or living.

Addison wall unit bookcase

Addison wall unit bookcase

2. Add storage and function

We know that function in a small space is important, but you don’t have to sacrifice style to get it! A leaning bookshelf and desk combination adds tons of storage to the room while also giving you a desk.

Parsons bed with Gallery bookcase and desk

Gallery leaning bookcase and desk

Gallery leaning desk

3. Think outside the box

You can use bookcases in unexpected spaces as well. A glass and steel bookcase is a smart, unexpected addition to a bathroom and a Slim cubby bookcase is perfect for under a window in a kids’ room.

Brixton glass and steel bookcase

Brixton bookcase

Slim cubby bookcase

Bookcase Pro Styling Tip

Start with your books and group them in the upper left, middle and lower right areas of the shelves on a diagonal. (Bonus points if you sort the books by color.) Then, fill in with your decorative objects and voila: a beautiful bookcase to behold.

Photos by Room & Board

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