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Ventura extension table

With guest and entertaining season upon us, we caught up with David Staten, Chicago Visual Associate and floor plan-whisperer, to share his expert advice on creating spaces that feel warm and welcoming for friends and family dropping in, whether they’re stopping for just a meal or staying for a week. “I want to make sure my guests never feel too far from home,” David says. Getting ready for guests often gives us the motivation to complete a room, he says, and it’s about adding a few pieces here or there that offer versatility so they’re useful in everyday life. “You want to love the pieces you choose because you’re going to be living with them.”

1. How do you suggest styling a guest room so it feels fresh and welcoming for visitors?

“You can add so much character to a guest room with just a few small statements. I love filling a guest room with home decor that evoke a story. I include a mix of items that have been passed down through my family, plus pieces I’ve found on travels or any new pieces I’m currently loving.”

Portica bed with Hudson nightstand

Incorporating a mix of decorative, personal accessories make an otherwise usually empty room feel warm and meaningful.

“I also always think about how to best set the tone of a guest room. Bedside lighting can make a huge difference. I look to task lamps because you can get multiple outputs and direct light. I also like including candlesticks, like our new Lucent collection, for a softer touch.”

Hudson bedroom collection with Tolomeo lamp

Our Tolomeo lamp offers adjustable height and a pivoting shade, so guests are always getting light at a great angle.

“Living in Chicago, an extra layer of warmth is always great, too. I love creating a comfortable guest room with fresh bedding and a wool throw blanket. It makes the entire room feel like a retreat.”

Pendants and Haven throws

Made from 100% wool, our Haven throw blankets are the ultimate in comfort and softness.

2. What are some easy ways to add extra seating for guests?

Stools and benches are so ideal for extra seating in a dining or living room. I especially love the Karr stool and Lind ottoman – they’re easy to tuck somewhere and are so unexpected. They bring great texture and function to a space. I have six or seven ottomans tucked here or there around my home.”

Bryce couch with Lind ottoman

Our Lind cowhide ottoman brings unexpected versatility to a living room, dining room or bedroom. Feel free to move it around your space!

3. What if I’m looking for a versatile dining solution?

Extension tables! I have an extension table at home and it’s extended more often than I realize. I use it not just for holiday guests, but as an everyday work surface or prep table, or for game nights and Sunday family dinners. And you can just move a stool or bench from your living room right up to the table for extra seating.”

Sequence indoor outdoor rug

Our Adams round extension table starts with a 48-inch diameter (shown here) and includes two 18-inch leaves to almost double its seats.

Adams extension dining table

Depending on whether you include one or two of the leaves, the can go from 48 inches all the way to 84 inches.

Keep the inspiration going and see how other Room & Board customers are styling their spaces in our Customer Photo Gallery. Or take advantage of our free design services – expert advice, floor planning and more is available to you at any Room & Board store or online at

Photos by Room & Board

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