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Gain another room in your small space by adding an outdoor area. You don’t need a sprawling backyard to create an outdoor oasis. We chose some of our favorite small outdoor spaces that make the most of the square footage, whether it be a balcony, patio or just enough room for two.

Lounge & dining space in one

This small outdoor space easily serves as a lounge and dining area. The round table can accommodate drinks or food, while the sofa and chairs are as comfortable for lounging as they are for seating during an al freso meal.

Table for two

Our Sabrina chairs and Maris table prove that even the smallest corner can make for inspired outdoor living.

Three’s never a crowd

A round table always makes for a great space-saver. And the Penelope table is no exception. A pedestal base makes it easy to scoot three chairs in.

Four cheers for counter tables

A counter or bar table offers sneaky versatility in a small outdoor space. 1. If you’re not using it for a meal, it can easily act as a beverage station or prep area for outdoor entertaining. 2. You can easily position it against the wall to maximize the space. 3. Our counter tables look like they belong indoors. Use the Slim counter for extra table space indoors whenever you need. 4. Counter tables are just more fun.

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  1. Pauline Mingram says:

    Could you make a small round table that raises or telescopes from coffee table to dining table heights?

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