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It’s easy to associate custom furniture with large spaces: bookcases that fill entire walls and cabinets that reach triple digit dimensions. But what about those hard-to-shop-for areas? Those small corners you wish you could get some function out of? We love custom storage for its flexibility, and it can often be one of the best space-saving solutions for small rooms.

Make use of every square inch

When there isn’t much wiggle room, make the most of height. Our Addison custom bookcases perfectly flank the window below and can be crafted to the inch. Choose from five different wood finishes, three heights and by-the-inch width measurements with our Addison Custom Bookcase builder.

The Keaton custom bookcases offer the best of both worlds as you get closed storage to keep things hidden and offer open shelving to show off the things you want. Made to the inch using our Keaton Custom Bookcase builder, this is a great example of using an otherwise forgotten corner.

We offer four distinctively modern bookcase collections that you can customize.

Get just the look you want

Have you come across the almost perfect cabinet you wish had juuuuust one extra shelf? Or a solid wood door instead of glass? That’s the beauty of Room & Board custom cabinets. You get to choose exactly the door style you want, plus the direction it opens. You can also take your pick from drawers, open shelves, hardware and material choice. Oh, and all of your dimensions.

We offer online tools and great in-store resources to get you started on your own custom piece. And because we work closely with American manufacturers, you can receive your custom item in as few as five weeks.

Explore all four of our custom cabinet collections today.

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