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Leather ottomans can be some of the hardest working pieces of furniture in your home but finding the right leather can be tricky. We got specific leather deets from Fabric Specialist, Zach Herbst, so you know what just what to expect in terms of durability and style. “Leather ottomans are a great bridge between other pieces in a space,” he says. “They’re multi-functional, easy to move and come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to complement any room. So what it comes down to is what type of  leather you want for your lifestyle.”

Kick up and relax with top-grain leather

“I love our Aero ottoman in Urbino leather. This leather is geared toward kicking back. Set your cup of coffee on it, let your kids climb on it, or make it your pet’s favorite nap spot. Plus the round shape of Aero tucks in anywhere.”

This top-grain leather is made from the outermost layer of the hide, which is valued for its softness – and strength. Considered the best leather for upholstered pieces, top-grain leather is buffed or sanded to create a consistent texture or minimally corrected for a natural look.

The Ravella coffee ottoman, shown here in our Annata parchment leather (also a top-grain), makes it “the statement piece you don’t have to worry about,” says Zach. “The tufted leather is beautiful and sturdy enough to use as a table or footrest.”

Annata is a vintage-inspired leather. Its sophisticated dry look comes from extended tumbling for softness and a paraffin wax that highlights each hide’s unique color variations. Annata has a matte appearance with a smooth, warm feel.

Minimize marks with natural hides

Cowhides are a perfect way to infuse pattern, color, and texture that jive with any room. The browns, buffs, whites, and blacks are neutral so you never have to worry about a mismatch. “The Lind round and square ottomans let you add texture at a small scale.”

The no-scuff brindle material means it minimizes marking and scratches. Plus you’ll love the casters underneath that make Lind easy to wheel around your space.

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Photos by Room & Board

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