Winning High Marks for Responsible Wood Sourcing

2023 Wood Furniture Scorecard High Score banner.

The Wood Furniture Scorecard is an initiative between the National Wildlife Federation and the Sustainable Furnishings Council. The objective is to encourage furniture companies, big or small, to establish and follow policies that ensure responsible wood sourcing practices. The right choices make an impact, from harvesting through final product.  

Sustainable Furniture Choices Start with Wood

Together, responsible furniture companies spread awareness of the best ways to be stewards of wood resources. The goal is to support progress and recognize others in the industry who are doing things right. 

We’re proud to share that Room & Board has earned a High Score on the 2023 Wood Furniture Scorecard. Sustainability is a thread woven through everything we do. So being named as one of the High Scores out of more than 125 furniture retailers is a huge honor.

Wood is the most widely used material in our products. That’s why our goal is to use 100% sustainably sourced wood by 2025; we’re at 85% now.

Room & Board has long been a leader in responsible wood sourcing. Our Urban Wood Project is just one example of our ongoing commitment to sustainability. In 2018, the USDA Forest Service invited us to be part of the Urban Wood Project which focused on salvaging materials from vacant row homes. Since then, Room & Board has spread the Urban Wood Project to cities across the U.S. And we’re just getting started.

We are the first furniture retailer to pursue using urban wood sourcing at scale. We can expand this circular process because of our partnerships with urban wood processors and long-term relationships with manufacturers across the United States from Baltimore, Maryland to Sacramento, California.. 

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One of our Urban Wood designs is our Orlin collection. These beautiful pieces are sustainably made from reclaimed Minneapolis ash trees that have been removed due to emerald ash borer. 

Want to learn more about our commitment to sustainability? Check out our Sustainable Wood Sourcing Policy as well as more info on our sustainable practices

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