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Make a modern statement with expertly styled bookcases and shelves. Style a bookcase like a pro with these step-by-step tips. You’ll create a bookcase look that’s not only Instagrammable, but personal and unique. You can easily achieve a beautiful, balanced look that displays your most treasured items and memories with these five step-by-step styling tips.

1. Start with the largest items

Give items like tall vases or wide bowls and trays a blank canvas since they will take up the most real estate. You can easily add in smaller items later. Shop vases & bowls | Shop trays

2. Stack books vertically and horizontally

Choose some of your favorite books and select a few to stack horizontally and some vertically (always with the spines showing). The mix of orientation adds a layered, yet collected, look to your bookcase.

3. Add some greenery

Place a few small, potted succulents throughout the shelves or add a plant with a long, leafy shape to infuse an organic touch and offset the linear look of a bookcase. Shop planters

4. Fill with your favorite decorative pieces

Layer in some of your most treasured trinkets or other small, artisanal items like candles or bookends. Consider placing some items at an angle or off-center to add visual interest. Shop all room decor

5. Continue to swap items in and out

The beauty of open bookcase and shelving is to display your favorite items of the moment. We love swapping out photographs depending on the season or if you want to add a personal touch for guests. Tabletop frames are a beautiful accompaniment or lean a larger frame against the wall or bookcase for an ultra-modern look. Shop picture frames

6. Add Bernedoodle

Okay, this step is optional. Or is it?!

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