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Did you know that the furniture industry is the third largest consumer of wood after construction and paper? We’ve always considered wood sourcing one of our most important responsibilities given how much we use, and now others are taking note: Room & Board earned a Top Score on the 2019 Wood Furniture Scorecard. In this ranking of more than 80 furniture retailers’ commitments to responsible wood sourcing, we’re #15 on the list.

A craftsman in Vermont connects solid wood joinery for a Room & Board chair.

The Wood Furniture Scorecard is an initiative between the National Wildlife Federation and the Sustainable Furnishings Council. Their goal is to encourage companies to source their wood in ways that positively impact forests. Why? As they put it, “forests are a critical part of our life support system on planet earth.”

While we’re proud of our score, what we really like about this collaboration is that it encourages companies to make progress in their sourcing policies and share best practices. For example, one of the scores is based on having a published Responsible Wood Sourcing Policy. This encourages transparency and accountability, and gives consumers a way evaluate a company before they purchase.

Our Ventura table is made using wood sourced within 350 miles of West Virginia workshop where it’s built.

Responsible wood sourcing is just the beginning of our sustainability efforts. We invite you learn more about our sustainable furniture and read more on the blog about the ways we practice sustainability across our company, large and small.

Photos by Room & Board

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