Outdoor Deck Reveal and Q&A with Joinery & Design Co.

Curious about what it’s like to utilize our free design services? Sarah and Dan Pollio of Joinery & Design Co. worked with a Design Associate over the phone and via email to create the deck of their dreams. Read on to learn about the process and see the stunning space.

What was your experience working with a Design Associate and utilizing our Free Design Services?

We had such a great experience working with KC, our Design Associate. It was so nice to have a second opinion with someone that was knowledgeable about the products and had a great sense of design.

Our first appointment was over the phone to discuss our design style and what we wanted to achieve with the space. KC also sent us fabric and material swatches to help us narrow down specific product details.

Once we were on the same page, KC put together three different floor plans for us to react to. We discussed each option over the phone, shared our feedback and then KC sent us an updated floor plan with our favorite products and layout.

The winning design layout created by Design Associate KC

Was it difficult to decide which floor plan to go with?

We really loved all the options presented to us! In the end we went with the option that had darker accents because it flowed so well with our deck railing and materials.

Oasis sofa, Oasis armless chairs, Kubik stools, Soleil lounge chairs, Classic coffee table, Parsons outdoor dining table, Plat dining chairs

What was your inspiration for your outdoor space?

Our inspiration for the space was based off of a couple cute outdoor restaurants/hotels that we’ve seen over the years and we really wanted to try and recreate that inspirational feel!

Oasis sofa, Oasis armless chairs, Kubik stools, Soleil lounge chairs, Classic coffee table

What was the most challenging part of creating the outdoor space?

The most challenging part of creating the outdoor space was to incorporate enough seating within our layout. We wanted to comfortably fit our family and friends when they came over. I’m so glad we did a conversational seating layout and even added extra seating with the poufs!

Oasis sofaClassic coffee table, Flet ottomans

Favorite summertime activity?

Hands down, swimming is our favorite summer activity, we love spending time at the pool or beach! Although going out for ice cream is HIGH on the summer activity list as well.;)

Parsons outdoor table, Plat chairs

How long have you and your husband been creating interior spaces together? And what do you like most about working together?

Dan and I have been creating interior spaces together for the last 14 years! Our favorite part about working together is that we are truly a team! I do all the design and styling work, but combining that with Dan’s background in the building and custom woodworking industry is when we see a project really come to life!

Oasis sofa, Oasis armless chairs, Kubik stools, Soleil lounge chairs, Classic coffee table, Flet ottomans, Furrow planters

To see more projects by Sarah and Dan, follow them on Instagram @joineryanddesignco. Inspired to start your next project? Schedule a free design appointment today!

Photos by Joinery & Design Co. 

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