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We believe that sustainable furniture starts with design. Therefore, it’s woven into everything we do. From how we make our furniture to how we deliver it, we look at the big picture of how our designs will impact the planet. Within our selection of commercial-grade furniture, we have many products with sustainable materials. Read on to see a few of our favorites that could work for your next project. 


We reclaim pine from old Baltimore row houses to craft this unique cabinet, with some of the wood dating back to the 1800s. The McKean media cabinet is a beautiful, hand-crafted piece and a great example of sustainability in action through our Urban Wood Project.

McKean media cabinet

What is the Urban Wood Project?

The Urban Wood Project is a unique partnership between the USDA Forest Service and Room & Board. Together, we reclaim wood across the United States from Baltimore, MD to Sacramento, CA. Rather than ending up in a landfill, this wood becomes beautiful and sustainable furniture and decor. Learn more about the Urban Wood Project.

Urban Wood Project


Skilled artisans at Caperton Furniture in West Virginia use sustainably harvested wood to hand craft our Hudson collection. Caperton minimizes their climate impact by using raw materials and sourcing 95% of their wood within a 350-mile-radius. As a result, Hudson exemplifies heirloom-quality furniture and showcases individual craftsmanship.


Made in Minnesota at Bell Manufacturing, our Parsons collection features a recycled natural steel base with subtle weld marks. Bell Manufacturing uses over 99% recycled material along with donating scrap metal to a local high school shop program.

Naturally Better Together

We are proud to partner with artisans who share our vision of traditional American craftsmanship combined with an abiding respect for nature. Find sustainable solutions for all of your commercial projects with our talented Business Interiors team.

Get inspired

Shop more commercial products or connect with our Business Interiors team for recommendations on your project.


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  1. CookOut News says:

    This is a really cook initiative! Thanks for doing it and posting about it.

  2. Wes Wright says:

    I really like this initiative! It’s great that you can reuse wood like that. Thank you for sharing this.

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