The Cure for the Common Cubicle: Office Benching

Side detail of Copenhagen benching system in office.

Office benching is an office solution that pairs together a desk and a file storage bench (and sometimes an additional file cabinet). Combined, they offer an L-shaped style desk with extra storage and seating. We’ve designed a special collection of file storage benches that tuck underneath our Parsons desks for this modern office solution.

An ideal desk setup for open, collaborative workspaces, benching systems help define wall-less offices. They also create efficiency in large or small offices alike. Check out a few different layouts below: 

Linear rolling file cabinet, Parsons desk, Diffrient World® chair, Linear drawer bench 

Single-Office Solutions

A file bench behind a dedicated desk is easily accessible and offers a streamlined look. The finished bench back means you can place it anywhere as office needs change. 

Alternatively, you can tuck the file bench underneath the desk and add a rolling file cabinet for even more versatile seating/workspace use. And if a little watercooler chat happens along the way, all the better for office morale. 

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Shared-Office Ideas

Everyone in the office has a dedicated or touchdown desk-sharing work space and a spot for storing personal items. The bench can be a casual seat for guests or clients, eliminating the need for a guest chair and creating even more space. 

Great for collaborative areas, file cabinets behind an open group of desks are easily accessible. The finished cabinet backs mean you can place them anywhere, and the deep-and-wide drawers are easy to compartmentalize to hold a wide array of workday necessities. 

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For even more office benching ideas plus layout specifics, check out our Benching System Guide. Or touch base with our helpful Room & Board for Business experts to learn more.

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