How to Pair a Bed and Nightstand

At Room & Board, we don’t sell matched sets, believing that our trend-proof, sophisticated design lets you mix pieces together to create ultra-personalized spaces. That said, there are a few rules of thumb that can create a more harmonious, restful bedroom space as you pair a bed and nightstand together.

Four Tips for a Lovely Bed-and-Nightstand Match

Check out our top tips for creating a dreamy bed-and-nightstand combo. 

1. Play with Textures for the Perfect Touch

Your bed is the focal point of the room, and the majority of it, thanks to your bedding, has a plush, soft lines. Match that comforting feel elsewhere in your room with one or two “soft” spots, either through an armchair or rug. If you can’t add that soft spot, such as in a smaller room, use a nightstand in wood for that low-key look. For instance, our Berkeley and Adrian nightstands are simple and modern, but have a welcoming vibe thanks to wood-grain surfaces. 

2. Cue the Color and Light

Contrasting colors and materials make a space feel interesting and personalized. A polished metal bed paired with a warm wood nightstand is always a stylish win—or vice versa! One of the most important functions of a nightstand is to hold your bedside lighting. Remember to be sure it has ample tabletop space if you need a lamp to supplement your natural sunlight and overhead lighting. 

3. Calibrate the Visual Weight

When you consider your bedroom as a whole, each piece has its own visual weight. For instance, if you choose the Ella bed, the solid upholstered backboard has a greater visual weight than the airy minimalism of our Parsons bed. Be sure to maintain equilibrium by using your bed and nightstand as counterweights. Try the simple Decker End Table next to a more substantial bed frame. Or set our super-functional and substantial Grove Nightstand next to a pared-down frame.  

Symmetry in the form of matching nightstands and lamps adds to the calming effect of a room. Also note, as you’re comparing options, nightstands should be the same height or slightly higher than the top of the mattress. Consider a wall-mount version if you really want to open up your space. And the wider the bed, the wider your nightstand should be to balance the horizontal proportions. 

4. You Do You

Above all, your bedroom should be a refuge filled with things that make you happy and peaceful, tailored to your needs. Think about whether you love to spend time reading or watching TV in bed. If so, choose a bed with a headboard designed for lounging and a nightstand that holds all your necessities. Want an energizing space as a daily wake-up call? Go bold with a distinctive bed design in a statement material and an unexpectedly sculptural bedside table. 

Want a little help creating a love match for your space? Connect with our free design services; our experts offer deep knowledge of all our bed and nightstand options. 

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