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Take a pass on matching bedroom sets and create your own instead! Mixing the materials in your room will create a custom look, personalized to your style and space. However, picking a cohesive bed and nightstand pairing can be challenging. That's where we come in.

How to mix and match

Not every nightstand goes with every bed, so how do you choose the right pieces that will give you the end result you're looking for? Here are a few of our tips:

1. Texture

Create interest by mixing the materials of the furniture in your space. If you have an upholstered bed, try a metal, stone, wood or glass nightstand.

2. Color

Don't think about matching, instead think about adding warmth to the space as a whole. For example, a natural steel bed paired with a wood nightstand brings balance to the room. Then think about what other decor pieces in the space can tie everything together -- a colorful rug, bedding, throw pillows and lighting.

3. Scale

Nightstands should be the same height or slightly higher than the top of the mattress. And the wider the bed, the wider your nightstand should be to balance the proportions. For example, a king size bed with a big headboard looks best with substantial nightstands.

Bed + nightstand pairings

We've gathered a few of our favorite bed and nightstand pairings for inspiration! Scroll to the end of the page to shop the looks.

Bed and nightstand pairings

  1. Parsons bed in natural steel + Linear wall-mounted nightstand | 2. Ella bed + Hudson nightstand with wood base | 3. Emery bed | 4. Copenhagen bed + Anton nightstand | 5. Parsons bed in stainless steel + Copenhagen nightstand


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  1. Dennis Hahn says:

    Thanks for sharing this blog. I am looking for an item of bedroom furniture this blog is helpful to me.
    Now I can personalize my style and space for the bedroom.

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