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A home office can mean a lot of things. It’s where you work, where your kids do their homework, where you stash files, photographs (and okay, sometimes clothes). But no matter how you use your home office or how small your square footage, your work space should work for you.

Anna Mueller, a Design Associate for our Business Interiors team and an expert at all things office, offers helpful design tips for small space home offices. “Small space can mean everything from having less square footage to sharing a work space with multiple people, so you need products that work extra hard and can do double duty,” she says. Check out a few of Anna’s favorite office products below.

Shelves as storage

“Our Staple shelves are my absolute favorite. You get double the surface area of a regular shelf. And if you live in an apartment, you’re only putting one set of holes in the wall for essentially two shelves.”

Rolling files do double duty

“I’m always in danger of knocking over my coffee on a small desk. Rolling files not only store what you need, but you can pull them out for an extra work surface (and the perfect spot for your coffee) when you don’t have room for a large desk.”

Hard-working desks

“The light design of the Ellis desk helps offices look open and airy. I love pairing two of them back to back if you’re sharing an office — it keeps the room from looking too full and is a huge work surface if just one of you happens to be working.”

“Office armoires with pull-down work surfaces are great for a small home office or if you need to tuck a desk into the corner of another room. It looks neat and tidy when it’s closed, and offers all the function of a regular desk when open.”

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  1. Digi Vital says:

    As designer I can recommend to keep your working space clear and empty.
    You do not need to store anything on the table, all unnecessary items should be removed.
    This allows you to better focus on the design project.
    After the end of the work, you should always remove all the things you worked with.

  2. Rayan Roy says:

    Very good post. The designs of small home offices are excellent. The home office should look neat and tidy with all the things put in the right place once the work is done. Putting things on the shelves is a good idea. I liked the open and the airy hard-working design.

  3. I read your article and helped with my small office set up. I have got a new office and looking for tips. Got very interesting tips. Hard working desks look good for work. I’ll surely buy them. Thanks!

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  5. smith says:

    great post! thanks for sharing

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