Case Study: Maximum Effort Office

Partner: Maximum Effort

Location: Santa Monica, CA  

Category: Workspace

Designer: Michelle Toney, Architectural and Interior Designer

Photography: @kacie_tomita

Project Coordination: Room & Board for Business

Maximum Effort bar and collaborative space.
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The goal

When Michelle Toney, Architectural and Interior Designer, came to us with a chance to help create a workspace for Maximum Effort, we were all in. Founded in 2018 by Ryan Reynolds and George Dewey, the company “makes movies, TV series, content and cocktails for the personal amusement of Ryan Reynolds. We occasionally release them to the general public.” 


“As a brand, Maximum Effort believes in bringing people together over movies, series, content, brands, gin and Welsh football clubs. That ethos had to be reflected in our offices as well. We wanted a space where people would choose to gather as opposed to feel compelled to gather and Room & Board helped us nail it.”


Ryan Reynolds
Maximum Effort office with bookcase.
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Michelle shares, “Now that remote work is here to stay, the goal was to make ‘the office’ an enjoyable, inspiring place where people are there for warmth, function and community and not because it’s required.”

The process

The Maximum Effort team worked with Room & Board for Business to select furniture and finishes that straddle the home and office furnishing worlds. “Room & Board was a great fit because they helped us achieve the warm environment we were looking for with their range of sustainable and locally manufactured products,” noted Michelle. Comfortable seating, a soothing color palette and a mix of materials pull the spaces together and feel inviting.

Additional angle of Maximum Effort office with bookcase.
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Maximum Effort office.
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The result

The space is a stunner. There are private, comfortable offices for individual moments of focus. An annex space offers a more cozy, quiet setting for brainstorm and creative concepting. And the Aviation American Gin bar in the community space celebrates Maximum Effort’s culture and elevates the space for hosting. 

“It was a fun challenge to deliver a space that could serve so many functions for the Maximum Effort team,” said Michelle. “They are constantly bringing people together—from intimate events and small productions to team brainstorms or client meetings.” 

Maximum Effort screening room.
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