Every Last Yard Event

bolts of upholstery fabric with an Every Last Yard event graphic

Our Every Last Yard event is happening now! Yes, we are offering a rare opportunity for 20-30% off a special, limited run of sofas and chairs, but it’s more than a discount. It’s a unique event we created in partnership with our U.S. upholstery manufacturers to help us make better use of first-quality, discontinued fabrics — and pass the savings on to you.

Craftsperson sewing channeling at an upholstery manufacturing facility
A craftsperson in North Carolina making our Callan chair

U.S. Craftsmanship

First, a little background. Room & Board manufactures more than 90% of our furniture in the United States, using top-quality U.S and imported materials. We are an exception to the imported norm. The relationships we’ve developed with our small handful of U.S. upholstery manufacturers is the reason we’re able create the quality and value you expect from us.

Because of our long-term relationships, our U.S. upholstery makers work with us in ways they don’t with other retailers. 

One of those ways is keeping each of our 200+ fabrics on hand. So, when you order a sofa in the fabric of our choosing, they start making it right away without having to wait for the fabric to arrive. This shaves weeks off the time it takes to get furniture made just for you.

While keeping all this fabric on hand saves time, it often results in having left over fabric as we retire styles. That’s where the Every Last Yard event comes in.

Cream Quinn midcentury modern chair with modern wood walnut dresser
Quinn chair in Noloni fabric, part of our Every Last Yard event

3 Goals of the Every Last Yard Event

  1. Support our U.S. manufacturers. We’ll be candid: in these post-pandemic years, demand for furniture has slowed. We want to do our part to keep our partners’ production lines bustling, creating work for their hundreds of U.S. craftspeople with this specialized skillset.
  2. Responsibly use leftover materials. As we level-up our sustainability efforts, we keep looking for more ways to reduce waste. We counted every last yard of remaining fabric across each manufacturer, and then made a detailed plan to match those yards to sofas and chairs, with a goal to minimize fabric waste.
  3. Finally, and most importantly, create a great value for you. This win for our U.S. upholstery makers should be a win for you, too! These first-quality sofas and chairs are available at 20-30% off our typical prices because we’re using discontinued fabrics.

As you’re shopping our Every Last Yard event , keep a few things in mind: quantities are limited so shop early, full-service delivery is just $99 and your purchase is supporting some incredible U.S. craftspeople, like those at Shenandoah Furniture. “Our nearly 30-year relationship with Room & Board has allowed us to expand our job offerings in the North Carolina and Virginia communities where we live and work. This event will help utilize materials that would otherwise go unused, lining up with our sustainability initiatives–and provide work for our employees. Our hope is that we can play a part in bringing comfort to someone’s home,” says president Candace Payne.

Questions about the event? Our Customer Care team is here for you by phone, chat or email as you’re shopping online. Want to sit in these sofas and chairs before you buy? Head to a store for a sit test; our team can show you the options. Our free design services are always available, too, to help you complete your space using your new sofa or chair.

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