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What makes a bed feel special? We chatted with our Accessories Merchandise Manager, Jenon Bailie, about our approach to designing bedding. While we believe in natural, basic materials, there’s nothing basic about our creative process. Jenon came into the industry with a background in clothing and textiles, and through her work with Room & Board bedding, it’s given her a resurgence of her love for knits, wovens and other fabrics to create the best bedding for you.

1. Walk us through your styling tips for making a beautiful bed. Where do we start?

“Start with the sheets. We love light, neutral sheets so you can add personality with throws, blankets and throw pillows. A neutral palette will always keep your bed looking fresh. We keep our pallet current and modern, but we try to avoid trends so no matter what you choose, the look will last.”

Percale sheets with our Grove bedroom set

Our Percale Sheets & Pillowcases give the Grove bed a crisp, cool feeling of freshly laundered linens.

“Then I’d add blankets or throws. Plus, they’re perfect for layering or changing out seasonally and are easy to clean.”

The Ascent blanket with our Allende pillow

Here, the Ascent blanket makes a lovely, patterned statement alongside our new Allende accent pillow.

“After the foundation of your bed is set, I love changing the look with pillows. You can create any kind of aesthetic you want so easily. Have fun with colors and textures!”

Our Copenhagen bedroom set

Our Copenhagen bed provides a modern base for our timeless top of bed pieces. Click here to shop all the products in this photo.

2. What type of bedding do you recommend in warmer months versus cooler months?

“It’s common to use cottons for spring and summer and then switch it up with wool for those cooler fall and winter months. The beauty of wool is it breaths so it can be used year-round. It doesn’t have to live in a closet for half the year.”

Our Haven Stripe Throw with Bennett dresser

Our Haven Stripe Throw is made from farm to loom in America from 100% wool. It’s available in four different colors so you can choose the look you love and use it all year long.

3. What are some of your favorite pillow arrangements?

“For a symmetrical and modern look, I opt for ‘two, two and two’: two King size pillows, two shams and two accents.”

Our Berkeley bedroom set

The combination of pillows and bedding make this a beautiful bed. Click here to shop and get the look.

“For a lush and lovely look, I really like including three Euro shams for height and then three standard size pillows.”

4. What might surprise someone about Room & Board’s bedding offer?

“The majority of our bedding is U.S.-made. It’s a unique point of difference for us that makes our offer agile. If we want to change a pattern or material, we’re easily and transparently able to work with our partners to make that happen. Everybody is in it and is close to the product, making sure it’s the best it can be.”

Keep the inspiration going and see how other Room & Board customers are using our modern bedding in their own homes in our Customer Photo Gallery. Or take advantage of our free design services – expert design advice, floor planning and more is available to you at any Room & Board store or online at

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