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Located near downtown Chicago and the Old Orchard Mall, our Skokie showroom opened in 1986 and is one of Room & Board’s original locations, making it a cornerstone of the neighborhood and our business for decades. It was time to refresh the look of the store, both inside and out, to enhance the shopping experience. Instead of tearing down and rebuilding, we chose to renovate the building to align with our commitment to sustainability.

Looking to the future

What can you look forward to in the new and improved Skokie store?

  • New exterior and entrance
  • More green space and native plants
  • Store interior refresh

The interior is complete and the exterior just needs a little landscaping (fingers crossed for an early spring)! Keep scrollin’ for a sneak peek of the store and stop by to experience the freshness in person.

Skokie Exterior Before & After

Skokie Interior After


We have big plans for re-opening events this spring! Subscribe to our emails to get invited to the celebrations, and stop by now to see the refreshed store in person.

Photos by Room & Board

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1 Comment

  1. Kathleen McGrail says:

    Please, oh please, come to San Antonio and add a store. This city is growing by leaps and bounds and R&B would fit in beautifully here. There are several demographic groups that are expanding in a major way here and they will be soooo in touch with R&B and SA as will the current population.
    As an ex R&B’er, know how divine it would be. XXXX Katie

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