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You’ve worked at the kitchen table, from the sofa and maybe even from bed. It’s time for a more permanent solution with a desk for your home office space. We asked Elise Nicpon and Nicole Gaynor from our Business Interiors team for ideas. Business Interiors provides solutions for commercial spaces for businesses of every size, so we knew they’d have helpful insights in how to choose the right desk for any space. “It’s about more than just finding a flat surface to work from,” says Nicole. “Your desk should meet the changing needs of your day and enhance the beauty of your home.”

Consider your work style

Elise asks, “Do you like to spread out, keep things neat or hide your work away?” This helps determine the type of desk that works best. If you have multiple monitors and need a spot for writing, an L-shaped desk gives you the space you need. Maybe you need less surface area, but lots of file space. That’s where a desk with built-in storage comes in handy. And if you like to move around while you work, an adjustable standing desk is a natural choice.

Comfort counts

Ergonomics are important to help prevent discomfort at the end of a long day. Your hands should rest right on the desk surface when your arms are bent at a 90-degree angle. Make sure you have enough room under the desk for your favorite office chair.

Design choices

“Don’t neglect your design aesthetic,” says Elise. “The more attractive the space is to you, the more you’ll be drawn to use it.” From classic solid wood options to sleek metal-and-wood choices, explore desks that complement the rest of your home.

Still not sure what kind of desk is right for your needs? We offer free design services virtually, over the phone or in our stores. Set up an appointment with our friendly experts today.

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