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Imagine your favorite cocktail lounge. Now imagine it in your home. That’s the look Shauna Beltramo, designer and blogger behind The House of Silver Lining, achieved in her basement. Described perfectly as a modern, industrial lounge, this space combines a unique mix of colors, materials and textures. Now pour yourself a drink and scroll to see more of this beautiful space.

What was your dream of how you wanted this space to feel and how you wanted to use it?

We love to entertain and create gathering environments for our guests. For this space, I envisioned an industrial, urban vibe with the steel and glass wall separating the wine room from the lounge area. We have a bar just off this area and I wanted to create a separate conversation space. A place to gather and enjoy the cocktails! The black leather sofa mixed with the velvet cognac chairs definitely set the tone. I love the natural steel gallery wall as well filled with candid black and whites of places we’ve traveled. Photos always seem to spark conversation.

What was your design inspiration for this space?

I can’t say it was one particular thing that inspired the design, but more of a “mood” I wanted it to express. The mix of marble, leather, steel and velvet are some of my favorite design elements.

What was delivery day like?

The delivery team was quick and efficient. It felt like Christmas as I watched the delivery guys unwrap all the beautiful furnishings. I was beyond excited! I had been planning this design for almost two years and was so ready to see it come to life!

What’s your favorite cocktail?

A lemon drop martini.

To learn more about the space, check out Shauna’s blog post on The House of Silver Lining.

Photos by Shauna Beltramo

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