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Good home office lighting can help you be more productive, reduce eye strain and provide better illumination for video calls.  To help you brighten up your workspace, we asked Design Associate Amy Blair for her top office lighting tips.

Layer up

Use at least two—preferably more—lighting sources, depending on the size of your room. “A combination of table lamps, overhead lights and floor lamps let you customize your lighting not only from day to night, but throughout the day if natural lighting changes,” says Amy.

Include task lighting

Desk lamps are designed with movable arms to help you focus on the work at hand. Position the light to minimize glare on your computer screen.

Choose dimmable lighting

“Too bright of a spot can lead to eye fatigue,” Amy shares. “Adjustability is important in light sources, so I recommend dimmable lamps.”

Get ready for your close-up

Balanced lighting throughout the room makes your video calls look better. “You don’t need the brightest light output,” says Amy. “Using multiple lamps provides better overall light quality.”

Working from your bedroom or dining room? Brighten up with our room-by-room lighting tips.

Photos by Room & Board.

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