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Our sleeper sofas are so comfortable and innovatively designed that you won’t want to reserve them just for guests. We offer four types of sleeper sofas, all with the Room & Board quality and style you love. Our Berin Day & Night sleeper sofa (shown above) is just the beginning of sleepers to explore.

Type 1: Day & Night sleeper sofa for a made-to-fit solution.

This type of sleeper takes up less floor space than conventional sleepers. Plus, you can personalize the style of our Day & Night sleepers with your choice of arm shapes and leg heights.

Our Allston sleeper sofa (featured in the video) also features an easy-to-use mechanism that converts the sofa back into part of the sleep surface.

Type 2: Guest Select sleeper sofa for a customized feel.

The Guest Select sleeper sofa mattress features an inflatable chamber resting on encased coils, making it easy for guests to customize the feel of the mattress to their firmness preference.

In this video, our Watson sleeper sofa beautifully shows off modern style and total comfort in this video. The mattress air chamber inflates in less than a minute.

Type 3: Pop-up Platform sleeper sofa for incredible versatility.

With our Pop-up Platform sleeper sofas, a hidden “trundle” glides out of the base and pops up to be even with the sofa seat. It works just as well as a sleep surface as it does a mega-lounger.
A poster sleeper sofa for versatility, Oxford (in the video above) is so easy to set up you’ll use it for overnight guests and movie night.


Type 4: Convertible sleeper sofa for effortless transformation.

Each of our Convertible sleeper sofas has a unique style and quickly moves from sofa to bed.

The Deco convertible sofa is so easy to use and is perfect for small spaces. Plus, it features a storage sling for underneath for linens or extra blankets.

Photos and videos by Room & Board

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  1. David King says:

    wow amazing post to reach our.i loved your sleeper sofa per my suggestion u also use Elephant Tree of Life Tapestry to design your wall with sign of elephant…

  2. Andrew Tye says:

    This is an amazing post. The videos post makes thing much clear. For me adding a contemporary sleeper sofa is far better than adding other furniture. It gives you lots of sleeping space when we have guests at home.

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