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Make your guests feel welcome with a space designed for their comfort and your everyday enjoyment! Our sleeper sofas allow you to have a guest room, even if you don't have space for one. Plus, they're so comfortable you'll be tempted to sleep in the living room every night.

Here are a few tips for creating a multifunctional guest room.

1. Sleeper sofas are the definition of multifunction.

Transform any space into an inviting guest room with a sleeper sofa. Choose from a range of designs and sizes to fit your style and give your guest a good night's sleep.

2. Keep everything tucked away nearby.

A multi-purpose cabinet doubles as storage for extra bedding. Keeping it close allows for easy setup (and clean-up) when guests are in town.

3. Treat your guests to luxurious bedding.

Like we always say, don't make a bed for your guest that you wouldn't want to sleep in! Nothing helps you get your beauty sleep like slipping under a soft, well-made duvet.

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  1. Amazing ideas for guest rooms

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