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Room & Board forms relationships with companies whose values align with our own. During the COVID-19 crisis, we are proud of how our U.S. manufacturing partners show agility as they help others. Many partners have reopened as essential businesses to keep producing personal protective equipment for donation.

How our U.S. manufacturing partners are helping

Open Works is part of the Urban Wood Project and makes our Hanneman stool, Henson table lamp and Montford picture ledge. They have converted their facility to the emergency production of face shields using 3D printers.

The organization has rehired some of its previously laid-off workforce to assemble and package the face shields. Read more details on Open Works’ efforts here.

Face shields for healthcare workers produced at Open Works

Face shields for healthcare workers produced at Open Works.

Precedent Furniture, who makes dozens of our accent chairs, beds and sofas, has switched its production over to protective masks.

ADF of Ladywood, WI, who makes our Arcana hooks and magazine stand, is producing safety shields and separation barriers for service counters in order to protect workers interacting with patients.

American Leather makes many of Room & Board’s recliners and sleeper sofas. They are producing masks and gowns for healthcare workers in its Dallas facilities.

An American Leather staff member poses with a face mask.

Valdese Weavers, who makes many of our pillows, is sewing masks for hospitals in North Carolina.

McCreary Modern makes our popular Metro sofa. They have researched and developed two types of masks. One to cover an N95 mask that extends the life of the mask and another mask with a disposable pleated design. The company is making these for Hospice of Catawba County and offers its services to the nation as needed.

Redland Cotton of Moulton, AL, whose material we use for our Sommerville collection, is producing masks for the University of Alabama Medical Center.

Redland Cotton staff members wear masks they made for healthcare workers.

A personal connection

Facture Goods, who makes our Everly collection, raised more than $10,000 for food and protective equipment for healthcare workers in the Chicago area through a raffle. This is a personal effort for Aron Fischer of Facture Goods. “My husband is a doctor and many of our friends are nurses, support staff, other doctors and nurses,” says Aron. “I am so worried about healthcare providers. I would like to use that energy to help.”

Room & Board is amazed at how quickly our U.S. manufacturing partners were able to see a need and find a way to help. We are as proud as ever to be working with them.

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