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As a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC), we are committed to transparency and improvement in everything we do, from material sourcing and manufacturing to supporting local communities. Sustainability has been a cornerstone of Room & Board values since we opened our doors in 1980. Read on to learn more about some of the ways we keep sustainability at the forefront of our business.

American-made quality

woodworker turning a table base

A woodworker turns an end table base at MH Parks in Massachusetts.

We craft more than 90% of our products in the U.S. and 15,000 American artisans help make Room & Board furniture and home decor. In addition, working with family-owned companies around the U.S. means that materials and finished goods don’t have to travel as far to get to you, which reduces the environmental impact.

Sustainable sourcing

Taking delivery of lumber at Wood Castle

Manufacturing partners take delivery of locally harvested lumber at Wood Castle in Oregon.

Our commitment to natural materials means we use wood from carefully managed forests, often located near our manufacturers’ workshops. In 2017, our woodworking partners planted 60,000 trees in the U.S.

Eco-friendly materials

recycled HDPE on a laser cutting table

Recycled high-density plastic on a laser cutting table at Loll Designs in Minnesota.

Room & Board offers a wide range of outdoor furniture and home decor made from 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is also fully recyclable. We also offer rugs made with ECONYL® yarn, produced from recycled nylon that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Reclaimed materials

Ridvan throw pillow made from vintage rugs

Ridvan pillows made from reclaimed vintage rugs by Eastern Accents in Chicago. (Ridvan pillows are only available in our stores.)

Our reclaimed woods come from American barns, granaries, factories or row homes, lending one-of-a-kind character while salvaging beautiful materials. See these beautiful woods in products like our Bubble reclaimed wood stool or our Etting bookcase. We’ve also designed a range of pillows and throws that reuse vintage textiles from around the world. These accessories are not only sustainable, but each one is unique and provides a meaningful touch.

Images by Room & Board

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  1. I applaud Room and Board’s commitment to sustainable sourcing and leadership in the sustainable furnishing sector. I only wish it extended across your product line. I was going to purchase a Montego dining table, chairs and sofa until I realized that sustainably source Ipe wood is next to impossible to source at this time due to rampant fraud and timber laundering in South America.

    I urge Room and Board to offer a sustainable alternative to Ipe wood for the Montego Collection. American consumers rely on you to offer the highest quality products. The vast majority are unaware of the environmental and social impacts of illegal tropical hardwood logging and ensuing deforestation and degradation.

    There must be a responsible and ethical alternative for this exquisitely designed collection of furniture that does not entail consuming rainforest on our patios and decks.

    See here for a recent article on the subject:

    • Lyndsay LeClair says:

      Emily, thank you for your honest but kind comment. We know ipe sourcing is an issue, and while we feel confident in our supplier, your comment inspired us to revisit this ongoing conversation with them. We are working on alternatives that are sourced and finished in the U.S., like thermally modified ash, which we hope to be able to offer as soon as it passes our testing for outdoor durability. Thanks again for your feedback.

  2. Joel Wilson says:

    It is now 2022. I was just at Room and Board today and fell in love with the Montego table, but similar to Emily Tompkins who initiated this string in 2018, I am very concerned about ipe sourcing. Is there any news on the horizon for the thermally modified ash? I also note that the Montego table is a favorite in pictures on the website – in staging pictures for the Finn, Aruba, and Bellini chairs to name a few. I know that Room and Board is a business that has to turn a profit, but if there is no solution for other alternatives 6 years down the line, maybe it is time to stop pushing ipe? We have long been customers of Room and Board, and will continue to be in large part because of your environmental commitments and transparent conversations like this.

    • Lyndsay LeClair says:

      Hi Joel – thank you for this! We are working hard on another solution to be able to eliminate ipe, and testing thermally modified ash and more as we speak. We hope that by 2023 we’ll have a great alternative available. We share your concern on this topic and it’s high on our list to address. We’re putting a lot of energy into wood sourcing in general, so look for more good news on that front over the coming year as well!

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