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At what height should you hang your dining room light? We get that question a lot, and we have answers.

When hanging lights over a dining table or kitchen island, the bottom of your pendant should be 28”-34” above the table. This keeps sight lines open and ensures guests aren’t looking directly into a bright bulb. 

You’ll also want to take into consideration ceiling heights, personal preference and architectural details to get the right look in your space. Keep reading for more of our top tips for lighting your dining space.

Create Ambience

Choose a pendant that creates a pool of light bright enough to ensure your guests are not sitting in shadows. Add a dimmer switch to set the scene for every meal.
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Add Personality

Mount modern dining lighting in an unexpected way. In this case, the lowest pendant hangs at the recommended 28-34-inch height with the rest following in a gentle upward curve.
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Consider Scale

Choose light fixtures that are about 12 inches less in size than the width of your table. This ensures your lighting is in proportion to your table.
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Illuminate Your Island

Allow 30-36″ of clearance from the bottom of pendants over kitchen islands. (Hint: Be sure the tallest person in your home can easily prep at the island without glare in their eyes.)
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Check out our gallery to see real-life examples of lighting in our customers’ homes. And see even more practical tips for planning your modern dining room here.

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