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Outdoor accent tables are the difference between having a few chairs outside and having a real outdoor living space. Adding end tables and coffee tables to your outdoor seating area make it not only more inviting, but more functional, too. Meander through this gallery of backyard patio ideas to learn how to pair outdoor end tables and coffee tables with your outdoor sofa and chairs.

Rule of Thirds

Let’s start with a helpful general guideline that works for outdoor (and indoor) accent tables: the rule of thirds. To look proportional, the coffee table should be two-thirds the length of your outdoor sofa.

Flexibility is Key

Using multiple accent tables is especially handy for outdoor entertaining, which tends to be less formal and more fluid. You can put together several tables to create one large surface or split them up for added end tables when you have more guests.

Double Up

Make the most of your outdoor space with double duty pieces like ottomans or benches. They can be pulled in as additional seating during parties or used as tables to hold snacks and drinks.

Go Round

We love to use round outdoor coffee tables with L-shaped sectionals or sofas with a chaise because they are easy to walk around.

Color Story

A final secret is to match your accent tables to the material or color of your seating for a cohesive look. (Pro tip: Use color or material at least twice to make it feel intentional and balanced.)

Now it’s your turn. Share your outdoor sofa and accent table pairings in our modern style gallery.

Images by Room & Board

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