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Beautiful weather is here and it’s prime time for outdoor entertaining! Whether you have a patio, balcony or lawn, creating an outdoor space for entertaining is easy with these design ideas.

Outdoor living room

This space features our Oasis sofa, Satellite coffee table and Emmet chairs—a classic living room, but outdoors. Each offers the same comfort and function of indoor furniture but is crafted of durable materials like high-density polyethylene, Sunbrella® fabric, marine-grade plywood and antimicrobial foam.

Outdoor dining room

Having a meal outside can be simple, extravagant or anything in between. Our wide range of tables and dining chairs, all designed to weather the elements, make it easy to create your ideal outdoor entertaining space whether you have a big porch or a small balcony. Plus, you can take many of our outdoor dining chairs inside and use them as extra seating or accent chairs.

Lawn lounging

Effortless and casual, lounging on the lawn is the most easygoing option for entertaining outdoors. The Emmet collection, pictured here, is crafted of extremely durable recycled plastic that looks good outside 365 days a year. If you don’t have a lawn but want something equally casual and relaxing, try a couple of Emmett chairs on your balcony with a small outdoor end table.

Fire tables

Gathering around a fire is one of those deep-seated joys humanity shares. Because it isn’t possible (or easy) for everyone to build and tend to a fire, a contemporary fireplace for your outdoor space is a great alternative for creating that fireside community feeling. We designed our Adara fire table, pictured below, to withstand the elements from season to season.

Serving solutions

Outdoor bar carts and counter tables are excellent choices for serving drinks and food outdoors. Bar carts are stylish and easy to move, and counter tables provide spacious storage at a height that’s hard to reach for children and pets.

Photos by Room & Board.

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