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It’s easy to put off decorating your bedroom since it’s often out of plain sight. But a skillfully styled nightstand will help you settle into your nighttime routine and start your days off right.

Add height

Planters or vases, lighting, or picture frames are all great ways to add height and balance the look of your nightstand next to your bed. These small styling tips should also reflect the way you live: maybe a planter that houses your favorite flowers or greenery, photos of people or things you love, and lighting that sets the tone for your room.

Let there be light

Pick the lighting that works best for you! A task lamp is a great pick if you like to read in bed, while pendant lights and table lamps offer a softer glow for more ambient lighting. It can also be fun to mix up lighting on either side of your bed for a more eclectic look.

Get creative with small bedrooms

Not the right bedroom for a traditional nightstand? We love our Slim C-table as a stand-in. It tucks right up to the bed and is light enough to move around anywhere.

Alternatively, a wall-mounted nightstand is a perfect solution for small bedrooms. Save floor space while still getting all the storage and function you need. A photo above and books below gives this nightstand a fun, stylish moment.

Photos by Room & Board

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  1. Harshita says:

    Small bedrooms are great and small c-table is a must have.

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