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It’s not often we can scroll through Instagram without pausing at the simplistic beauty of Scandinavian style: clean lines, classic forms, crafted from natural materials. This style seems to be everywhere these days, so we feel lucky to have met and partnered with Larry Daigneault and Dave Laforce of Built By Newport years ago to help us craft some of our Scandinavian and Arts & Crafts-inspired chairs, made from sustainably sourced wood and time-honored techniques.

Larry and Dave, two nice guys with French-Canadian roots, each give the other credit for the courage it took to build their business into the successful woodworking company it is today. So much goes into creating these chair designs. Chairs, for example, must balance strength, angles and, most importantly, comfort. Check out our Scandinavian style chair round-up below!

Dining chairs

“A chair can look great, but the sit is key—it is always hand-done,” says Dave, noting that they actually sit in each chair and make minute adjustments until it feels just right. “About 20 craftsmen will have had their hands on a Room & Board chair by the time it’s perfect.”

Lounge and accent chairs

See how the Soren chair gets its distinctive shape:


Photos and video by Room & Board

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