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Small space apartment living is a test in editing. When you’re working with minimal square feet (say 609, like this one-bedroom apartment in Washington, D.C.), the design challenge is figuring out how you want to live and which pieces of furniture and decor help you maximize that lifestyle.

Mark Riddle, Design Associate at Room & Board Washington, D.C. takes us through this small space, mapping out how you can easily create space for living, dining, entertaining, relaxing and sleeping.

See the 609-square-foot space

Design tips for this small apartment

A sectional offers the utility of a sofa + loveseat without the clutter of additional sofa arms and legs. A curved sectional works exceptionally well in this 12×10 living room, maximizing the footprint of the space with a slight riff on a traditional L-shaped sectional.

Don’t be afraid of pattern or color! A rug or accent chair are perfect items to showcase personality. These pieces can easily be swapped in or out.

Vertical bedroom storage. If you’re tight on storage space in the bedroom, go vertical! Open shelving or wall-mounted cabinets are great ways to save square footage and store what you need.

Extension tables aren’t just for entertaining. Use the elongated surface not only when you’re hosting a large meal, but for everyday cooking. It’s a perfect “in a pinch” prep area in the kitchen.

Shop the look

Round-up of small space furniture

1. Clarkson floor lamp 2. Chloe chair 3. Reese curved sectional 4. Classic coffee table 5. Timuri rug 6. Afton chair 7. Foshay wall shelf 8. Cora chair 9. Dorsey wine rack 10. Opla extension table 11. Jennings bed

Photos by Room & Board

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  1. Jasmine says:

    What size is the round table used for this project?

    • Merritt Rethlake says:

      The Classic coffee table in the living room is 36″ diameter and 16″ high.

      The Aria end table in the bedroom is 18″ diameter and 22″ high.

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