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During the period between March Madness and Father’s Day, we see a lot of photos and ideas for “man caves.” Built around a big screen TV, man caves seem to always feature furniture that is at odds with the rest of the home.

Consider the humble recliner. Long the butt of jokes for its function-over-fashion design, it’s hard to ignore the appeal of stretching out and relaxing at the end of a day. But with levers, big buttons, and limited design options, recliners can be like elephants in the room compared to the other furnishings.

We took on the challenge and came up with several design-savvy solutions. Made to perfectly blend with our other furniture, you’d be hard-pressed to tell that under that buttery leather and sleek profile is a sophisticated mechanism. Our recliners are modern, comfortable and don’t need any outside apparatus to function—just lean back and the chair moves with you.

By blending modern aesthetics and functionality, we’ve also made our Harper and Dalton recliners more innovative, adding a new power option feature with a hidden control panel for easy adjustments that includes a built-in USB charging port.

Harper USB charging port close up

Harper built-in USB charging port


Harper recliner with Tolomeo lamp

Harper tall back leather recliner

Outstanding comfort and a modern look at an exceptional value. Score one for great design.

Photos by Room & Board

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