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Here at Room & Board, the Linear collection is one of our tried-and-true favorites. Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, and introduced in 1990, it quickly became one of our go-to design solutions.


Handcrafted in a small woodworking shop in northern Wisconsin, Linear embodies beautiful workmanship, exceptional quality and timeless design. It’s available in five solid American hardwoods and in dozens of sizes (even custom sizes!) to fit your space and style.

To showcase the versatility of Linear, we’ve rounded up real-life examples from the Customer Photo Gallery. Check out what your fellow Room & Board fans are doing with Linear in their spaces to find some inspiration for yours.

The Linear media cabinet in walnut with a natural steel base is the focal point of @ximtov’s gorgeous living room. Its rich color and beautiful grain pattern bring depth to the room and make the rug pop.

See how our customers style the collection

Linear Media Cabinet

This lovely home office utilizes custom Linear cabinets in maple with charcoal stain to create the base for the desk (very clever!) and provide much needed storage. The dark tone of the cabinets blends beautifully with the Mantel wall shelves in cherry.


A Linear nightstand in cherry with a stainless steel base pairs perfectly with the Portica bed and cool tones in @katrinaberlin’s bedroom. Nap time, anyone?


Now that’s how you make an entrance! @reformfibers created a stunning entryway using a Linear console table in walnut with a natural steel base. Plus, drawers keep knick-knacks tucked away and out of sight.


We see what you did there, @gomattolson. Using a media-friendlyLinear cabinet for dining room storage is brilliant! The cherry wood gorgeously offsets the Cora chairs in Darin teal fabric.


The Linear bar cabinet in maple with shell stain fits flawlessly into @bryanesler’s living room. Let the entertaining begin!


Find more inspiration on how Linear can fit into your space in the Customer Photo Gallery or share your space with us by uploading a photo of your own!

Customer-submitted photos from our Customer Photo Gallery.

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