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No junction box? No problem. Our exclusive Tandem mounting kits were designed specifically for people who want to put a pendant or wall sconce in a location that isn’t wired for one. Learn more about these clever lighting solutions.

Tandem Ceiling Mount

Expand your options for adding pendant lighting to your space. “It’s perfect for apartment living or other rental homes, or if you’re looking to install a pendant in an unconventional location like over a nightstand or end table,” says Brian Linehan, associate merchandise manager. “The product was designed to leave as small an impact to surfaces as possible—similar to removing a picture frame or shelf.” Our Tandem ceiling mount kit features a powder-coated steel plate, a dimmer and includes three clips to keep the cord in place.

Tandem Wall Sconce Mount

“We have an awesome assortment of pendants, and we’ve heard time and again that our customers love them, but sometimes just don’t have the place for them,” explains Brian. “This Tandem mount allows you to take most of our pendants and turn them into wall sconces.” Simply run your pendant into the Tandem wall mount and attach it to the wall. A dimmer switch on the fabric-wrapped cord lets you easily adjust the light level.

Images by Room & Board

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