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Our new Sommerville bedding is special not just because of how amazing it feels, but because of the story behind it. This collection combines our modern point of view with a family-run cotton farm in rural Alabama. Our new friends at Red Land Cotton do something rare in today’s global textile industry: they grow, harvest and loom their own cotton to create entirely American-made bedding.

Heirloom-quality cotton bedding

This isn’t just any bedding. Our new sheets and duvet covers are made to replicate the unmistakable feel of heirloom-quality linens. The kind of bedding your grandmother kept in her hope chest, designed to last for decades and get better with each wash.

Sustainably grown in Alabama

Mark Yeager and Anna Brakefield shown by a cotton bale that will become American-made bedding

Mark Yeager and his daughter Anna Brakefield of Red Land Cotton

The quality of our Sommerville bedding starts with the way that the Yeager family of Red Land Cotton grows their cotton crop. They consider the rich, red Alabama soil their greatest asset and use sustainable farming practices to protect it. They plant cover crops to reduce erosion and runoff, practice crop rotation and graze cattle on their land. All of this allows them to grow cotton without artificial irrigation—an exception to the norm among cotton farmers.

Woven in South Carolina

Upland cotton field at sunset in Moulton, Alabama

Red Land Cotton field at sunset

The Upland cotton that emerges from the Yeagers’s healthy soil has naturally long and smooth fibers. Only the best of the crop is woven into sheeting at a South Carolina mill, where it takes on a feel unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. It’s super soft, but still crisp and breathable, almost linen-like in its texture—the perfect year-round weight.

Sewn in Minnesota

A Minneapolis craftsperson sewing our Sommerville sheets

Experts hand cut and sew the Sommerville collection near our headquarters in Minneapolis. Simple design details, like a double-stitch edge on the duvet and shams, lend a timeless, modern look. It’s easy to mix and match with different blankets and throw pillows as the seasons change.

Shop our new American-made bedding in our stores or online now.

Photos by Red Land Cotton and Room & Board

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    We would like to offer you the opportunity to register in our free Made in USA database on our website I can send you an email that explains the whole program and provides a link to register. Please send me an email at or call 202-482-5156.
    Thank you,
    Homer Boyer
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    1401 Constitution Ave., NW room 31014
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