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Mixing decor styles is a great way to bring personality and character to your space. Your home is one-of-a-kind so shouldn’t your style be, too? One style gaining popularity is modern meets rustic or industrial. The key to pulling it off? Modern furniture pieces placed in a space with exposed natural architectural elements, like wood, brick or metal, for a mix of materials that will have you “oohing” and “aahing”.

We’ve gathered a few photos of our customers’ spaces to give you inspiration on how you can bring modern furnishings into your rustic or industrial space for a stunning look.

1. Bedroom spaces

2. Dining room spaces

3. Living room spaces

Photos by Room & Board customers


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  1. Haseeb Malik says:

    Another décor idea is to style your room in black and white with a pop of one accent color. It makes a bold statement. I decorated my daughter’s nursery in black and white with a pop of green. Not your traditional baby room colors, however I used a repeated damask print that gave the décor a feminine touch. It will also stay in style as she gets older and grows well in to her teens. I can keep the black and white, and simply change the accent color. Black and white adds interest to any room.

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