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Guests, without fail, will end up in your kitchen. And with these kitchen design tips, you can create a stylish, functional space that makes entertaining easy.

Tablescape it up with simple items

Name a more iconic duo than bread and cheese.┬áThe point is, creating a beautiful and tasty spread doesn’t require much. Choose your favorite snacks to throw on a cutting board, place fresh greens in a modern vase, have kitchen linens nearby, and then let the party do the rest. Guests will love the approachable, casual setting and you’ll love the simple clean up.

Set up a bar & drink station

Whether it’s a movable bar cart or a simple wine rack, you can easily create a modern beverage station where guests can fill up their cup. From coffee to martinis, a dedicated space for drinks is a hosting-must.

Counter offer

Hovering around a kitchen island or counter is inherent. (Something about being closer to the food, perhaps.) Whatever the reason, it’s a natural gathering area that can also provide tons of function. Even if you don’t have a built-in, we have modern counters in a range of styles and sizes to anchor your kitchen – and guests!

If you already have a counter or island, pull up some kitchen stools. The Hirsch stool is one of our favorites for a busy, entertaining kitchen. The bonded leather makes for a durable and comfortable seat, while its light silhouette allows it to easily be placed or moved around any counter.

Use beautiful pieces

When it comes to the kitchen, Room & Board makes it easy to get the look you want the functionality you need. So whether you’re hosting a dinner party or taking the night off it will always look guest-ready.

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