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If you were to walk around our central office here in Minneapolis, you would see small signs of our commitment to sustainability. Composting and recycling bins, branded glass water bottles instead of plastic, low-flow faucets in the bathrooms. But you’d see much bigger signs, too. Like the urban meadow all around our campus that replaced water-hogging grass with native plants. Or material samples from a new wood supplier who’s salvaging gorgeous trees in California, or the wall of photos that tells the nearly 40-year history of our partnerships with U.S. makers.

Over the years, we’ve made hundreds of small sustainable choices that add up to big change. And in celebration of Earth Day, we’re telling our story in a bigger way, too. We think Room & Board offers you one of the most sustainable ways to furnish your home: with timeless designs made to last. Make sustainable furniture part of the story of your home with us.

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