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Located in southeastern Minnesota, Red Wing Stoneware and Pottery was established in 1877 and was purchased in late 2013 by current owners Bruce and Irene Johnson. We have partnered with this historic company to bring you our Era modern planters.

One afternoon, a few of us headed south from our Minneapolis headquarters to see potters at work on these pieces. Witnessing a 15-pound lump of clay transformed into a sturdy planter under the steady hands of an experienced potter is mesmerizing. Watching three potters throw the same planter, consistent in size and shape, is awe-inspiring. The artists’ love for their work shows in every piece. “Making pots is just good for you,” says Art Gannett, master potter and head of the throwing department. “It’s grounding.”

The handcrafting doesn’t stop at the potters’ wheel. Craftspeople trim the planters by hand and mark with the artist’s identifying number; then they carefully and evenly apply the glaze. After a final firing, the planters are ready for years of use, a testament to the skill and care that go into each one.

Take a look at the process from start to finish with this video.


Photo and video by Room & Board

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