Sustainable Furniture

Sustainability Is In Our Nature

Quality construction and timeless design add up to furniture that’s kinder to the planet.

Sustainable by Design

We create furniture that has an enduring place in your home, helping combat the nearly 10,000 tons of furniture that goes to landfills annually.

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American Craft

More than 90% of our products are made in America using top-quality U.S. and imported materials to reduce the distance our products travel, help us deliver outstanding quality and support American craftspeople.

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Environmental Stewardship Through Materials

We work with our manufacturing partners to find innovative, high-quality materials.

Sustainably Sourced Wood

Our solid hardwoods are selectively harvested within the U.S. and Canada, where no clear-cutting is allowed.

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Recycled Natural Steel

Our natural steel products use metal forged in the U.S. from 99% recycled content.

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Recycled Plastic

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) made partially from recycled plastic is used in select outdoor furniture.

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Fabric from Recycled Material

Three of our fabrics are woven with a minimum of 39% recycled polyester.

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Reclaimed Wood

We use reclaimed wood from old barns, factories, urban forestry and row houses across the United States in select collections.

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Sustainable Buildings

Rehabbing old buildings, installing LED lighting and landscaping with native plants are just a few of the things we do to reduce our environmental impact.

Delivering Responsibly

Deliveries are scheduled geographically to reach you faster and save fuel, and hybrid delivery trucks are part of our fleet. During delivery, packaging is removed and recycled or disposed of properly.