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Storage & Entryway

Modern Storage & Organization Furniture and Entryway Furniture & Decor From Room & Board

Set the tone of your home with modern entryway furniture, and create an inviting, organized home with Room & Board storage furniture and accessories. From large storage to small storage, we have solutions to keep your home organized and beautiful. Explore functional, versatile storage pieces, entryway furniture and entryway decor that makes your everyday easier.

When we're designing modern storage furniture or entryway and foyer furniture, we think about the functionality, materials and modern aesthetic of each piece. You can see design influences of the past, including Shaker, Asian, Mid-century Modern, Scandinavian and Arts & Crafts, within Room & Board storage furniture, entryway furniture and decor.

Capitalize on conscious consumption by shopping sustainably and responsibly made furniture from Room & Board. Natural and sustainable materials are at the heart of what we do. When you shop Room & Board storage, you can feel good knowing you support American artisans who craft each piece from U.S. and imported materials. We make it easy to sustainably furnish your entryway and home.

Stay organized with entryway home decor and get furniture that does double duty: Room & Board's modern benches and storage benches work as seating and storage, while staying stylish. Open-back bookcases and cubbies make for a functional space you'll love. Try using open-back storage as a room divider between an entryway and living room or kitchen. Update your entryway by adding a modern round wall mirror or a large leaning mirror. Find durable rugs for entryways and rugs for high-traffic areas, featuring vintage designs in modern colors and patterns. Our 100% wool rugs, jute rugs, polyester rugs and recycled nylon rugs come in a variety of sizes, or shop custom rugs by in the inch.

Get free UPS shipping on thousands of items! Entryway organization ideas like wall shelves for storing small items, small consoles and console tables with storage, or wall hooks and coat racks all make a modern, functional statement. Find unique ways to store items, other than storage cabinets. Furniture with hidden storage - like storage beds, storage ottomans and storage benches - are easy ways to integrate storage in your home. Give your entryway succulents and entryway plants a place to grow with our modern planters.

Closet organization is also helpful in a modern bedroom. Multi-functional trays, wall hooks, modern hampers and storage baskets are in stock and ready to ship from Room & Board.

Check out all of our storage ideas for small spaces. For example, wall-mounted storage can help you save square footage in a small space home. One of our best decorating tips for small space storage is to try staggered shelves; this modern decorating style lightens the look and feel of a small space.

Room & Board offers a range of modern custom cabinets and custom bookcases. If you're wondering what type of custom storage is best for you, you can view our Custom Cabinet Comparison Guide or Custom Bookcase Comparison Guide. Custom storage is a helpful furniture solution for tricky spaces or hard-to-fit areas. Select your exact measurements, materials and look of your storage items.

Shop more Room & Board organization decor and storage furniture at or at one of our stores

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